Freelance Translator and Interpreter

French and Spanish translation and interpretation, mostly in the medical domain (biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical instrumentation).

Educational Researcher

Beginning with the question "How are computers different from human beings?" I explored the use of computers in my field, education. I focused on usage within the constructed framework of two distinct orientations that I called the agentive and the instrumental. In my first research project I set up and compared these distinct uses of the computer in an academic foreign language learning context looking at how learning and teaching tasks, and language uses were differentially invoked by the different modes of computer use. In subsequent research projects I focused mainly on instrumental computer usage in elementary school and after school contexts to further refine my understanding of this mode of computer use.

Subsequently, I focused on activity in a ListServer context of communication where subscribers were an international group of academics, looking at ways in which the instrumentality of the computer was harnessed to build and sustain community, and to carry out the activity of "Electronic Academia".

Finally, my interests in instrumental computer usage have led me to the field of translation where I practice. In this area, my interests have been focused on computer tools that reduce the redundancy of translation tasks, and most recently to the newer approaches to MT (Machine Translation).


Preparing, in December 2012, to teach patent translation at NYU...:-)


Advanced Patent Search


Starting, in 2018,  to teach at SJSU, French 1A and B.  

Starting, in 2022, to teach at Kent State: Scientific, Medical & Technical Translation (FR 63251 - S2022), Translation Practice (FR 63010 - F2022).


Blogging @ Patents on the Soles of Your Shoes



Since September 2011, I am an admiring and contributing member of Translators without borders - Traducteurs sans frontières, whose mission is no less than to change the world, one word at a time.

English to French & French to English volunteer translator